Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy and Data Minimization |

Introduction: At, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy by collecting only the necessary data required for our services to operate effectively. Our approach is built on trust and responsibility, avoiding the exploitation of personal data, reducing regulatory burdens, and ensuring the highest level of data protection.

Our Privacy Philosophy: Our privacy commitments are designed to align with the needs of our users. By prioritizing your privacy, eliminates potential conflicts of interest, thereby enhancing trust and transparency in our operations.

Data Collection at We categorize the data we collect into three main types, each critical to delivering our services:

  1. Uploaded Content:

    • Images: We temporarily store images uploaded by users for processing. These images are securely handled and are only accessed as necessary for their intended processing.
  2. Provided Information:

    • Email Address: Necessary for purchasing products or requesting customer support.
    • Support Data: Comprises any additional information users provide when seeking support.
  3. Automatically Collected Information:

    • Device and Connection Data: Gathered through tools like Google Analytics to enhance service functionality without engaging in detailed user segmentation.

Utilization of Collected Data: Our data usage is purpose-driven and focused on:

  • Service Provision: Efficient processing of images and handling of transactions.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring the stability and reliability of our services.
  • Research and Development: Innovating and enhancing our offerings.
  • Customer Interaction: Addressing inquiries and effectively managing service requests.

Data Retention Strategy: adheres to a strict data retention policy:

  • Emails and Support Data: Retained indefinitely to provide ongoing support.
  • Uploaded Images: Stored for a maximum of three weeks, with an option for immediate deletion upon user request.
  • Device Information: Maintained as required by operational and legal standards.

Conclusion: Your privacy is our priority at We are committed to leading by example in the industry by adhering to the best practices in data security and user privacy. For further inquiries or more information about our practices, please contact us.